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All your accounting services in Cyprus

Accounting and Auditing

Accounting and auditing services are managed directly by partners who can respond effectively and quickly to all matters connected with reporting practices, company law and taxation. Financial Statements are prepared in accordance with International Accounting Standards and all audits are conducted in accordance with International Auditing Guidelines.


The firm provides a broad range of taxation services that are tailored to client needs. Our services include local and international tax planning, assistance with tax compliance matters, and representation of clients in dealings with the tax authorities.

International Business Companies (IBCs)

In addition to accounting, auditing and taxation services, we can assist in the setting up of administrative offices for IBCs, including locating and equipping offices, recruiting staff and securing work and residence permits for expatriate personnel.

The firm also provides management services to IBCs with no physical presence on the island.


The firm provides management consulting services in the following areas:

          Consultancy services for companies, financial institutions and high net worth individuals.

         special investigations, due diligence and share valuations

         formation and flotation of companies

         acquisitions, mergers and takeovers

         receiverships and liquidations

         management advisory service

         internal control review

         management information systems/decision support tools

 Other professional services:

          Drafting commercial, consultancy and employment contracts.

         Yacht, ship and aircraft registration.

         Intellectual property.

         Trade mark, patent and royalty work.

         Formation of Trusts & Trustee services.

         The formation and administration of banks, funds and captive insurance companies for qualified applicants.

Advice on acquisition of immovable property

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