Information Required for the Set Up of an International Business Company

The following information is required in order to set up an IBC in Cyprus: We suggest that you print this page.


Company Name

You can either choose your own name, which must be approved by the Registrar of Companies, or we can use a name that has already been approved in order to speed matters up.

Desired company name(s):

The Company Activities

A brief description of the main activities of the company.

Main activities of the company:


The Shareholders

At least one shareholder must be appointed. Nominee shareholders can be appointed in order to keep the names of the real shareholders confidential. For each shareholder we require:


Shareholder 1


Shareholder 2 (Optional)

Shareholder 3 (Optional)

Bank reference from a well known bank.




The shareholders full name

The shareholders address

The shareholders nationality

The shareholders profession

The number of shares that each shareholder will hold



Minimum number is one director although two are advised to be appointed. Nominee directors can be appointed in order to keep the names of the real directors confidential. For each director we require:

Director 1

Director 2 (optional)

The directors full name

The directors address

The directors nationality

The directors profession



Company Secretary

 A company secretary must be appointed, for which our secretarial company is recommended.


Registered Office

A registered office is required (we recommend our office address for this purpose).



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